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Commercial  (Service/ Maintenance)

1.  Why do I need a seasonal Service Contract from Golden Rule Service, Inc.?

A seasonal service contract for your commercial property (s) from Golden Rule Service, Inc. provides you with the security and reliability that you deserve from a professional lawn irrigation company that has been in business for over seventeen years in Central Ohio.  With a seasonal service contract, your property will be evaluated and monitored for correct and efficient system operation.  With the proper lawn irrigation care from Golden Rule Service, Inc., you will both enjoy the benefits of a professional-looking lawn and also save money off of your water bill. 

2.  What services and benefits do I receive from an investment in a seasonal service contract from Golden Rule Service, Inc.?   

A seasonal service contract guarantees you a choice of a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service visit checking the integrity of the commercial property’s lawn irrigation system.  This service starts with the opening of the commercial property system in early spring and ends with the closing of the system in late fall.  This scheduled visit would include running through each watering zone and checking for any spray head adjustments throughout the entire system, physically looking for any leaks and/or breaks in the system, and adjusting the programming in the system controller for optimal seasonal performance.  This in turn gives your commercial property (s) a professional appearance and saves you hundreds of dollars during the operating cycle.  Additionally, on top of any scheduled visit (s) per month, we offer priority assistance to our seasonal service contract clients.  If there were to be any emergency situation regarding your commercial property’s lawn irrigation system, Golden Rule Service, Inc. would be there in a timely manner to resolve the situation.

3.  During a service visit, whether it is a regularly scheduled or an emergency, will I be notified if the repair is going to be an unusually high cost?

The answer is YES.  Once the seasonal service contract is authorized, we ask for a list of contacts with the power to approve or authorize any work to be performed on the desired commercial property (s).  The standard dollar amount for a service repair that we ask for authorization on is any service that may entail an invoice of over five hundred dollars.  This, however, can be modified and tailored specifically to our commercial client’s account.  We have absolutely no problem finding a medium between our commercial client and our services.

4.  What is cost for a seasonal service contract from Golden Rule Service, Inc.?

While there are many rates that we specifically tailor to each individual commercial property, we will promise that your savings will always outweigh the cost.  Our commercial customers know that we offer exactly what is missing in today’s lawn irrigation market- Honesty, integrity, reliability, quality and value. 

There are many seasonal service contract rates available for our commercial clients.  The factors we first look at are the location of the commercial property and the integrity of the existing lawn irrigation system; this includes the age, design, and materials used in the current system.  The second factor is the frequency of visits to the property in one month.  There will obviously be a lesser charge per visit if we are scheduled to come to the commercial property more frequent.  We offer weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service visits to commercial properties.  Again, no matter what figure we come to for any specified commercial properties, we stress that your savings will always outweigh the cost

The following chart is an example of a building we would  service and the operating costs of a weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly service contract schedule.

  Age # of zones G.R.S Inc. Installation? Weekly Rate Bi-Monthly Monthly Rate
Property Manager: XYZ Corp. 4 yrs 12 Yes $49.95 $74.95 $99.95
Address: 101 Main Street

Columbus, OH  43220

    Notes: none




$49.95 $74.95 $99.95

When looking at the pricing examples in the above chart for a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly visit, keep in mind what would best suit each individual commercial property to be serviced.  For instance, a commercial property with high levels of traffic (cars, delivery trucks, semi’s, etc.) needs to have a weekly service contract to maintain the proper amount of attention the lawn irrigation system would need resulting from system breaks and repairs do to the high traffic area.  A commercial property that sees a low-level of traffic volume would only need a monthly service contract.  Whichever rate you choose, you can be guaranteed that Golden Rule Service, Inc. will provide only the highest level of service and attention to your commercial property.


Golden Rule Service, Inc. has an undisputed reputation for providing the highest level of service and attention that can be offered to our commercial clients.  While there are many other landscape and irrigation companies that attempt to compete with our level of service, you will be able to tell the difference between the professional, quality-first attitude Golden Rule Service, Inc. exerts.  We continue to grow in our trustworthy business relationships through respecting our preferred commercial clients and their wishes.  Since the inception of Golden Rule Services, Inc. in 1986, we have maintained a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau™.  We would like to extend our services to your company and start helping you save time and money today.   At Golden Rule Service, Inc., “we treat our customers as we would want to be treated.” 

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